Friday, October 8, 2010

Maybe I Will Stay...

I am fascinated by others' blogs. I read the ones from the alienated parents, searching for clues, anything that would make me begin to understand my own mother--looking for reasons to forgive, but many times they validate my view that I am better off with no contact. I am finding self-indulgence, excuses, irrational views, uneducated stances (with the grammatical errors to boot), narcissism, and some just plain poor social skills out there. But I follow them and I search for more from the parents, children, and others and I continue to read them to understand and learn about the people behind them.

One of these blogs just knocks the breath out of me. I've copied and pasted the first post so many times I don't know how it doesn't have more followers. My blog is almost becoming a fan blog for it. LOL. It puts into words what's in my soul. It gives me those "Aha" moments. It's a bit brutal, but like it's title (here's another shout out!), "You Won't Always Like What I Say", it's straightforward.

I was almost ready to pack it all in with my blog, but I think I'll stay for a while longer. I'm not done yet.

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