Monday, September 27, 2010


"You Won't Always Like What I Say"...well, I'm liking it so far, I think?  I'm new to blogspot and so is that blogger. It hit home for me. I liked it but at the same time it mad me sad. Why are so many people having children when they can't even take care of the way they should behave? 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Child's Story on Parental Alienation

I am a child of parental alienation. Much has been written about it, mostly from the view of the alienated parent and what they believe happens to the child/children. Well, here I am. I am fully grown and telling my story.

I was removed from my mother's house when I was 8 years old. I remember she wasn't all bad.  Or good, either. I was scared of her sometimes, but sometimes we baked cookies and went to the park. I missed her when I was taken away.

My father was a kind old soul. He didn't tell me to forget about her. He didn't tell me to hate her. He told me and showed me he loved me. But he said I couldn't go back or see her because it was unsafe for me to be there. I trusted him. He answered my questions when they came up. He made me understand grownups shouldn't leave young children alone in the house, or hit them with shoes, or pull their hair out, or threaten to leave them when they misbehave, or...

I missed her less and less until I realized that I was lucky my father had the guts to do what he did. I am a successful, happy, well-adjusted person today that has genuine relationships. My father once told me that he would rather I was mad at him for taking me away from my mother than for me to have been damaged by keeping me there.

I know that maybe she thinks she loved me, but she didn't know what love is. I know that some people have their kids taken away because of vindictive spouses, but sometimes it's the right thing to do. Why isn't more written on that?

I am interested in the stories of others, either like mine or from the alienated parent or the alienator. It helps me understand people like my mother, people like my father, and myself.