Friday, February 11, 2011

Parent Advocates, AKA "Nutjobs"

Someone tried to contact me about my blog to tell me that I've been brainwashed into my thinking, that this parental alienation is being done to mothers all the time, and that these mothers have suffered so much wrongly having their children taken away from them.  It was someone who said they were a "parent advocate" and they wanted to let me know how my thinking was wrong and hurtful.

Are these people crazy? If these are the people giving advice to others, then quite frankly, the nuts are running the nuthouse. What kind of education do these people have? Clearly they are the ones in need of some educating and some sound advice.

I've done a little looking into these so-called "advocates" and they don't have a solid reputation. It appears they interfere with legal advice, are thought of in a poor light, and rarely have the outcomes they desire. It appears they are more interested in the fight, than in doing what is right.

I feel sorry for the ones who are broken because they are vulnerable to someone who appears to want to help, yet then takes them down this path of insanity. Some even take money while dispensing this legal advice. That's ironic because it is actually illegal to legally advise someone when they are not a lawyer.

People!! Wise up!! A "parent advocate" is nothing more than an uneducated vulture waiting to pounce. Get some sound legitimate legal advice and don't fall prey to these charlatans!

Oh, and don't lecture me on what I don't know. Clearly I know more than you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Funny Thing About Moving On...

Funny thing about moving on...if you come back, it can be with a new perspective. I've got that.

I felt bad because of a series of events I created. I had feelings that surprised me and I went with it. At the time I felt bad because I expressed them and probably made another feel bad. I felt uncomfortable with that. I'm a pretty positive person and I thought there was too much negativity with what I was doing.

I didn't want to become like her. But I realized I could never be like her. I was just trying to gain control where I never had any before. I needed to express myself. I need to. And I will.